Guide to Glass Mirrors

Mirror Glass ThicknessDecourative Mirror Beveled Edge and decouative polishing in Derry City and Northern ireland

We stock and process our mirror glass in two thicknesses or Gauges, 4mm and 6mm. While they both give a beautiful reflection we advise using the thicker stronger 6mm in commercial situations or when using very large sheet sizes.

Maximum size

We can cut mirror to any bespoke sizes. We can polish and bevel edges and drill holes.

Safety backing film on a Mirror

We can apply a safety backing film to the back of the mirror to prevent injury from glass in the event of a breakage. The safety backing is fully tested to BS EN 12600 class 2B2 for frontal impact. The broken mirror pieces stay stuck to the safety backing. Please also check our our Perspex and Aluminium safety mirror alternatives.

Mirror glass edgesWhere can i get a custom made any size bevel mirror in derry city in Northern ireland supplied and installed

Mirrors can simply be plain cut which means the edges are sharp and not smooth. This is only suitable if the mirror is to go in a frame or the edges are concealed.

Polished edges – the edges of the mirror are machine polished so they are smooth.

Beveled edge – The edges of the mirror are ground and polished at an angle creating a decorative prism effect. We produce a 25mm bevel as standard although this can be altered if required. This bevel an be curved and straight edge.

Mirror fixings

Mirror screws: if the mirrors are pre-drilled (by us) they can be fixed using mirror screws (supplied) which have a chrome dome cap to have a neat finish.

Mirror Mastic – Adhesive designed specifically for securing mirrors without the risk of damaging the reflective foil.  the advantage of this application is an installation without the need for unsightly metal or wood frame leaving you with a uninterrupted wall of mirror. This will glue the mirror permanently to the wall. It can be used alone or in conjunction with mirror screws or J Molds. Mirror mastic must be applied directly to the back of the mirror and not to the safety backing. If safety backing is required, we can leave strips on the back of the mirror free of safety backing for applying the adhesive.

J Mold – A metal frame with a channel that provides support to the bottom and top edge of the mirror, holding it in place. Available soon.

Custom design, sizes & shapes.

If you require odd shaped glass or maybe a coloured section, then please call us with your requirements. We have manufactured and sourced where necessary these types of requests.

Why choose us to supply and install your glass mirrors:

With over 30 years supplying glass mirrors  APG have invested in machinery and we keep our over heads low as  glass mirror manufactures we do all our processing, polishing & beveling in house, this gives us the possibility to pass on the saving to our customers. Give us a call or the opportunity to beat our competitors quotes.

In a matter of hours, your room can be transformed just by adding a mirror. This quick, cost-effective way of revitalizing a room adds a touch of elegance and helps create a more open, spacious feeling. Aside from the common uses, mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of space. A large mirror correctly installed can make any room look larger. Whether placed at the end of a hall or angled in a corner of a small room, the result provides the illusion of endless space. We also provide mirror glass replacement and mirror repair.

You’ll be impressed by our team of installation professionals who provide the highest level of quality craftsmanship. We keep our scheduled appointments and leave your home clean and neat. We can work off of your technical drawings and product specifications or work with you to provide the perfect solution to your mirror needs.

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